12-29, 2023
Netion modular UPS provides high-reliability power guarantee for Xiaogan citizens’ homes

series high-power modular UPS and multiple sets of high-power battery packs has been installed and debugged and successfully passed acceptance. With the official opening of XiaoganCitizen's Home, it will shoulder the important responsibility of providing uninterrupted power guarantee for key equipment in the IDC computer room of the Citizen's Home.Xiaogan Citizen's Home is located at No. 1, Xinqiao Road, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province (to the north of the administrative center and to the west of Huaiyin Ecological Park). It covers an area of 45 acres and has a total construction area of 57,123 square meters, including: 40,157 square meters above ground and 16,966 square meters underground. . It has 4 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, with a building height of 23.90meters and an estimated investment of 399.85 million yuan.Xiaogan Citizen's Home is a people's livelihood project integrating administrative approval, public resource transactions, news release, social and convenience services, provident fund management, community grid management, urban investment management and other functions.As the "Citizen's Home" officially welcomed guests, the Xiaogan Municipal Service Center "retired" and stopped providing external services. In comparison, the number of units stationed in the "Citizen's Home" has increased by 15 on the original basis. The 41 units with administrative approval functions in the city have achieved "must be admitted", and the number of service items has also increased to 532, and the number of service windows has increased to 236, integrating multiple functions such as administrative approval, government affairs disclosure, provident fund management, public resource transactions, urban investment and financing, public services, convenience services, news releases, grid management, etc. Xiaogan "Citizen's Home" is a service window platform that is convenient for the majority of Xiaogan citizens. It is a livelihood project that centrally handles relevant approval procedures.In addition, convenient service windows such as water, electricity, gas, communications, railways, civil aviation, and banks that are closely related to people's production and life will be appropriately arranged to facilitate the people to pay water and electricity bills while doing things.Over the years, the slogans of ‘improving the business environment’ and improving regulation are expected to be truly implemented here. High-quality development requires a high-quality business environment." Xiaogan has set up a ‘three-area’ comprehensive window in the Citizen's Home, and ‘one window’ accepts approval matters; promotes the data docking and interconnection of government service platforms, and "one network coverage" of approval matters; implements a project secretarial system to provide market entities with guidance on project approval ‘One-stop service’ throughout the entire process from completion to production; optimize the approval process, maximize work efficiency, and achieve ‘one trip at most’.Netion has been focusing on the research and development of UPS and batteries for more than 20 years, and has made breakthroughs one after another in the field of power technology and applications. Its products have repeatedly played an important role in major projects.Netion power modules range from low power 20kVA to medium and high power 100kVA. A single unit can form a 20kVA-1MVA power supply system (6 units can be paralleled). The parallel redundant system in this project not only meets the current needs, but also can It meets the expansion needs of subsequent additional equipment, greatly reduces the purchase cost, and at the same time greatly improves the reliability of the power system.The MP series modular UPS power supply is the industry's leading fully digital power supply product. It integrates the most advanced technological achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control. It has several patents, which improves the power supply reliability, availability and maintainability of key equipment. Breakthrough improvement.Thanks to the product's excellent performance, high cost performance, and complete after-sales service system, Netion modular UPS has been widely used in data processing centers, computer rooms, telecommunications, transportation, medical, government, education, industry and other fields.Features of Netion modular UPS: ● High efficiency and energy saving The overall machine efficiency is greater than 96.5%, the input power factor is greater than 0.99, and the input current harmonics are less than 3%. ●Super generator matching ability It can be equipped with any type of generator, and the traditional 12-pulse power frequency UPS must use a generator with at least 3 times the power, while the Netion MP series UPS only needs to use a generator with 1.3 times the power, which can greatly reduce the purchase price. costs and operating costs. ●Easy to install and maintain Each power module is designed to be hot-swappable online to facilitate user installation, maintenance, upgrade and expansion. Each power module is autonomously controlled and there is no single point of failure risk. A single power module will automatically exit in the event of a failure, without affecting the work of other modules and the normal power supply of the system. ●Powerful loading capacity The MP series modular UPS power supply has excellent adaptability and can provide strong load capacity for various types of linear and non-linear loads. Each power module and cabinet system can provide load capacity comparable to any tower model, thus ensuring the application scope of this series of products in various industries. ● Friendly interfaceChinese and English touch screen, rich information, menu management, clear at a glance. It is convenient for users to operate and manage the UPS system simply and clearly....

  • 292023-11

    Netion modular UPS provides reliable power guarantee for the permanent venue of Zhongguancun Forum

    of more than a dozen sets of Netion MP180~600kVA modular UPS, high-power battery packs and cloud dynamic environmental monitoring systems won the approval of the Zhongguancun Forum Permanent Site Project Expert Group Highly recognized and successfully accepted, it will provide 365 days x 24 hours high-reliability power guarantee for key equipment in its data room and venue.Zhongguancun Forum, as a national platform for exchanges and cooperation in global scientific and technological innovation, is also a high-end scientific and technological innovation international forum with global influence, openness and comprehensiveness. Its permanent theme of "Innovation and Development" established in 2007 is like a The never-ending engine continues to drive the development of China's technological innovation year after year and also contributes to global technological innovation. The theme of the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum is "Open Cooperation and Shared Future". It will focus on cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum science, and brain-computer interfaces to showcase the latest achievements. During the preparation process, the Zhongguancun Forum will further highlight the national level, cutting-edge nature, and international characteristics of the Zhongguancun Forum. , extensively inviting cutting-edge scientists, cutting-edge institutions, and well-known innovative and entrepreneurial entities from around the world to participate.The permanent site of the Zhongguancun Forum is located at the intersection of Beijing's "Three Mountains and Five Gardens" historical and cultural scenic area and Zhongguancun Science City, covering an area of 5.9 hectares. The main building was designed by MAD Architectural Design Office. The whole building integrates into the environment of three mountains and five gardens with an implicit and humble attitude, forming a diversified permanent site building complex for the Zhongguancun Forum. The surrounding landscape is a new practice for Shanshui Bide to implement the new Shanshui·Shanshui City theoretical system, and is committed to creating a world-class new window to showcase cultural heritage and technological leadership.The permanent site of the Zhongguancun Forum consists of a 21,000-square-meter "clover" leaf rooted in the three mountains and five parks of Haidian. After completion, with "Boao in the south and Zhongguancun in the north", it will become China's national platform for global scientific and technological innovation exchanges and cooperation. .The permanent venue of the Zhongguancun Forum has two floors underground and one floor above ground, with a total construction area of approximately 64,000 square meters and a single floor area of approximately 21,000 square meters. The main venue can accommodate 3,000 people. As a key project in Beijing, the permanent venue of the Zhongguancun Forum will surely become the “Technology Temple” in the hearts of global innovative entrepreneurs and the “Technology Living Room” in the eyes of the capital’s citizens."Innovative technology, only for critical electric energy", Netion has focused on the fields of power supply, power electronics and new energy power conversion for more than 20 years. It will take this opportunity to continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and strive to make contributions to the critical power guarantee for all walks of life. greater contribution.The power modules of Netion MP series modular UPS range from low power 20/30kVA to medium and high power 50/60/100kVA. A single cabinet can form a 20kVA-1000kVA power system (6 units can be paralleled, Max. 6MW).Netion MP series modular UPS power supply is the industry's leading fully digital power supply product. It integrates the most advanced technological achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control. It has several patents, making the power supply reliability, availability and maintainability of key equipment A breakthrough improvement has been achieved.Thanks to the product's excellent performance, high cost performance, and complete after-sales service system, Lixun MP series modular UPS has been widely used in data processing centers, computer rooms, telecommunications, transportation, medical, government, education, industry and other fields.Netion MP series modular UPS function and performance characteristics: ★Energy efficient ★Shared battery pack ★Battery reverse connection protection function ★Super generator matching ability ★Easy to install and maintain ★Powerful loading capacity ★Concentrated bypass design ★Has false load self-detection function ★Friendly interface...

  • 252023-09

    "Heart to heart, love for the future", Netion helps Hangzhou Asian Games

    n Hangzhou, a thousand-year-old ancient capital,opened grandly.Qiantang has been prosperous since ancient times, and today the people are happy and prosperous. Hangzhou, with a history of more than 2,200 years, is one of the seven ancient capitals of China. It is also the capital and economic, cultural, scientific and educational center of Zhejiang Province.The Hangzhou Asian Games is the third time China has hosted the Asian Games after Beijing and Guangzhou, once again demonstrating its demeanor as a great power."Heart to heart, love for the future", the Hangzhou Asian Games will embody the spirit of friendship, unity and international cooperation among Asian countries and regions. More than 12,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions in Asia will participate, showing the beauty of cooperation to the world. , the top of competition "Hold a meeting well and improve a city."In order to host the Asian Games, the urban appearance of Hangzhou has undergone tremendous changes in the past few years: the T4 terminal of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport has been put into operation, the Hangzhou West Railway Station has been completed, the second bypass has been opened, and the Metro No. 19 connecting the west science and technology innovation corridor and the airport has been planned. It only took 5 short years to complete, with 516 kilometers of rail transit network completed, 480 kilometers of expressways networked, 39 entrances to the city, and 215 Asian Games commuter roads improved with ingenuity...The boundaries of the city continue to break through, the urban space is greatly expanded, the functional arrangements within each urban area are unprecedentedly coordinated, and the city's energy level rises. It can be said that Hangzhou already has an urban pattern and development space comparable to that of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.social and convenience services, provident fund management, community grid management, urban investment management and other functions.In addition to West Lake, which is the "paradise on earth", Hangzhou also has Qiandao Lake, which is not inferior to West Lake. The scenery here is spectacular and beautiful. The islands in the reservoir are dotted with 1,078 large and medium-sized islands. It is famous for its majestic green mountains, clear lake water and strange shape. The misty waves of Taihu Lake are vast, and the beauty of West Lake is also there.On the banks of Qiandao Lake, swimming, BMX, mountain biking, road cycling, indoor cycling, and triathlon competitions will be held. Athletes and spectators can enjoy high-level sports competitions while admiring the beautiful scenery of Qiandao Lake, which will definitely leave a lasting impression. Unforgettable impression.For more than 20 years,Neiton has followed market development trends and has always been at the forefront of technology. In this Asian Games, with excellent quality and comprehensive services, nearly one hundred sets of Netion medium and high-power power supply systems are undertaking the glorious mission of providing power guarantee for the Qiandao Lake competition area venues and key equipment.The Hangzhou Asian Games will surely become a high-profile event with extraordinary charm and praise from the world....

  • 012023-09

    No faults in 6 years, Netion high-power 3+1 parallel redundant power supply system protects you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    ity, Guangdong Province. The project was officially approved in 2014, construction started in 2015, and officially opened in 2019. With a total construction area of 21,800 square meters, it is one of the largest museums in Guangdong. .The 3+1 parallel redundant power supply system composed of 4 sets of Netion CP200kVA was installed in the museum in the late construction period in 2017. It has been 6 years ago and has zero faults. It is a reliable power protector and has won praise from the venue.On-site pictures of maintenance again on August 21, 2023For more than 20 years, Netion has been focusing on the independent research and development of power supply products. It has made breakthroughs one after another in the field of power supply technology and obtained multiple invention patents and utility model patents. Its products have repeatedly played an important role in major projects.Netion always regards product reliability and usability as the first element of design, and aims to provide cost-effective final solutions to continuously create higher value for users....

  • 142023-08

    Netion micro-module data computer room empowers Foshan Nanhai Experimental School

    and has a total investment of approximately 1.5 billion yuan, will welcome its first class of students in September!Nanhai Experimental School is located in Danzao Xianhu Hydrogen Valley, Nanhai District, Foshan City. It is the first public school with a 12-year consistent system in Nanhai District. The school covers an area of 300 acres, with a total investment of approximately 1.5 billion yuan, covering primary school, junior high school and high school. Three academic periods. The school's goal is to "rebuild Shimen Middle School to benchmark Shenzhen Experimental School and become a first-class prestigious school in Guangdong Province."In addition to the teaching building, dormitory building, canteen, and two high-standard track and field stadiums, Nanhai Experimental School also has a concert hall with 1,000 people, an immersive library, an observatory, a basketball gym, a constant-temperature swimming pool, a calligraphy room, a maker studio, and a dance studio. Rooms, piano rooms and other supporting facilities are fully equipped and equipped with first-class equipment.As the first key public school directly under the district's 12-year consistent system in Nanhai District, Nanhai Experimental School has first-class hardware facilities and a team of high-quality teachers, of which 40% are city- and district-level key teachers and more than 60% are graduate students.Positioned as a national-level information-based teaching experimental school, Nanhai Experimental School's "Smart Campus" information technology independently designed and personalized platform built at the same time plans to make educational evaluation digital, intuitive, and transparent. Integrate information technology into education and teaching in an all-round way, use core technologies such as the Internet and big data analysis to profile every student and every teacher in a timely, effective and comprehensive manner, and build a first-class teaching and education quality evaluation data platform.Netion complies with the development and trends of the market, stands at the forefront of technology, takes professionalism and innovation as market strategies, develops and layouts data center infrastructure positions in advance, and develops several data centers integrating large, medium and small data in response to different industry needs and application environments. After many on-site comparisons of the center’s application scenarios by an expert group, Netion micro-modules were stationed in Nanhai Experimental School.Netion innovative small and medium-sized integrated computer room products are based on the design concept of "integrated computer room productization" and integrate uninterruptible power supply, refrigeration, intelligent power distribution, fire protection, environmental monitoring, wiring management and other functional modules in the physical space of a standard cabinet. , creates a highly reliable operating environment for core equipment such as servers, and can realize flexible deployment of the system according to user business expansion needs. It can be widely used in government, medical, finance, education, commerce, manufacturing and other fields.Features of Netion micro module: Energy efficient ●The cold aisles at the front and rear of the cabinet are sealed to improve air conditioning refrigeration efficiency. ●Variable frequency compressor matches the load size and reduces the energy consumption of the whole machine. Stable and reliable ●Supports N + 1/2N design to ensure stable operation of IT equipment. ●Emergency fan serves as emergency cooling. ●Ultra-wide voltage input operates stably and has power protection functions such as phase sequence detection. ●Smart call auto-activation function. ●You can choose low-temperature components or long-term connecting pipe components to ensure reliable operation of the unit in more severe on-site conditions. Fast delivery ●Factory prefabricated, quick splicing on site, plug and play. ●Standard modular construction, easy deployment, quick put into use, later expansion will not affect each other, and the delivery target speed will be increased by 50%. intelligent control ●10-inch large-screen touch screen displays locally and does not occupy U space. ●Can manage intelligent equipment such as UPS, air conditioners, and power distribution as well as non-intelligent equipment such as temperature and humidity, smoke detectors, and access control. ● Through the WE B interface, remote comprehensive monitoring of unattended computer rooms can be achieved > Stability and reliability enable remote monitoring of computer rooms to be unmanned or with few people on duty, providing a strong guarantee for efficient management and safe operation of the computer room. Flexible and diverse ●The cabinet is the computer room and can be placed flexibly. ●Double sealing of hot and cold aisles is standard, and single sealing of cold aisles is also available....

  • 262023-06

    Neiton industrial-grade UPS once again protects large-scale high-end manufacturing industries

    ocesses and parameters, and detailed screening of cost-effectiveness, service simplicity, and feasibility of the overall service process, combined with the evaluation of the use of samples on site, Netion provided The industrial UPS solution successfully won the bid for Dongshan Precision, the leading company in sheet metal manufacturing in my country. As batches of customized equipment are officially put into use, Netion CPG series 80-250kVA industrial UPS will provide reliable uninterrupted power guarantee for its precision equipment and instruments. Netion has focused on the fields of power supply, electronic power and new energy power conversion for more than 20 years. It will take this opportunity to vigorously expand high-end manufacturing application scenarios and contribute to the development of my country's high-end manufacturing industry.Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the precision manufacturing service industry, it mainly provides precision sheet metal parts, precision castings and components to customers in industries including communication equipment, new energy, and precision machine tool manufacturing. Products and technical services.The company's precision sheet metal business ranked first in the sameindustry in China for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008. It iscurrently one of the largest and most comprehensively competitive companies specializing in precision sheet metal manufacturing services. It is now a private enterprise in my country. One of the top 500 companies.Through independent research and development and external introduction, the company has accumulated technical strength in the development, design, production and other aspects required for precision metal manufacturing, and continuously absorbs the latest achievements in information control and manufacturing, materials, modern quality management, etc., forming a Including design and information control technology, precision metal manufacturing production technology and testing technology, thereby establishing a complete precision metal manufacturing technology system.After years of development, the company has formed a complete precision manufacturing service system including product structure research and development, precision sheet metal manufacturing, precision casting manufacturing, surface treatment, precision assembly, timely distribution, etc. With its strong product process research and development capabilities, efficient flexible manufacturing capabilities and good customer collaboration capabilities, the company provides precision sheet metal products and precision casting products to the world's leading communication equipment manufacturers, new energy application equipment manufacturers, and precision machine tool manufacturers. , and corresponding technical services.Highlights of the industrial-grade UPS configuration in this case: ●Input and output are fully isolated, and the problems of sudden load, interference and zero ground are fundamentally solved. At the same time, the safety of equipment and personnel can be guaranteed at a high level. ●Strong impact resistance and strong adaptability to inductive loads with repeated starts and stops. ●The overload capacity is greatly improved, and it can run at 200% load for 10 minutes. ●Protection level IP42, with strong environmental adaptability, such as high temperature (within 65 degrees), high humidity, dust, vibration, etc. ●Internal components are dust-proofed and the three-proof paint process is used to prevent acid and alkali corrosion and improve the reliability of the product. ●The structure is modular and the components are placed in a sealed device, making maintenance easy and quick. ●After authorization, multiple parameters are adjustable and highly controllable. ●Speed-adjustable smart fan with natural wind speed and easy replacement. ●Perfect high-frequency mute technology, worry-free working environment. ●Built-in filter, input power factor is as high as 97%, energy-saving and efficient, greatly saving users electricity bills. ●Ultra-high precision voltage output: rated value accuracy <±0.5V; instantaneous change value when starting and stopping the equipment <±2V, response recovery time <2ms....

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