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Double row micro module Data Center

Basic Features

Application scope

◆ Government


◆ Finance

◆ Education

◆ Operators

◆ Big Data&Internet

Product Features

◆ Factory prefabricated, quick on-site splicing, plug and play, and fast deployment and delivery speed.

◆ The skylight and end door are installed directly on the cabinet to save user space. The UPS, power distribution and air conditioning are of the same size, simple layout and space saving.

◆ The sunroof automatically opens and is manually reset. The end door can be selected automatically or manually according to needs, with access control and camera video monitoring, linked to the fire protection system, and can respond quickly in case of fire.

Configure according to demand, which can save investment in the computer room and reduce costs.

◆ It can be smoothly upgraded from a cold channel to a micro module, and the power supply capacity can be flexibly upgraded according to the load situation.

◆ Adopting inter column air conditioning to increase the return air temperature, completely isolate cold and hot air, and completely isolate cold and hot air, reducing air conditioning energy consumption. Avoid local hotspots, reduce cooling dissipation, and lower PUE values.

Product classification of dual row micro modules

◆ Double row cabinet system

◆ Isolation of cold channels

◆ Each functional module

Naming rules


Product Structure



Product advantages

Fast delivery

·Factory prefabrication and on-site quick splicing.

·Plug and play, fast deployment and delivery speed.

Good management

·All key equipment and working status of the system can be monitored and managed through the monitoring system.

·It can be managed through the device touch screen and remote computer.

High cost-effectiveness

·Engineering productization.

·Configure as needed to save investment in the computer room.

Standard configuration of dual row micro modules