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Double row micro module (intelligent column head cabinet)

Basic Features

Intelligent column header cabinet is a distribution cabinet that comprehensively collects all energy data for the energy terminal of the data center computer room. It provides high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, reflects the power quality data in real time through the display unit and uploads it to the background dynamic environment control system through digital communication, so as to achieve effective management of the real-time monitoring and operation quality of the entire distribution system, help users optimize the network data center, strengthen energy consumption management, improve the server operation efficiency, and provide reliable guarantee for the all-round green data center.

Technical Specifications







Power supply   system

Three phase five   wire (TN-S)

Output branch

Up to 108 single   routes, up to 54 dual routes

Power display

ABC3 phase LED   display

Parameter   display

7-inch touch   screen

Main road parameters

Three-phase   voltage, three-phase current, frequency, status, bus temperature   (customized), harmonics, load percentage, electrical energy

Active power,   reactive power, apparent power, power factor

Branch   parameters

Phase voltage,   phase current, load percentage, electrical energy, active power, power   factor, frequency, state, temperature (customized)

Bus alarm

Overvoltage,   undervoltage, phase loss, loss, current exceeding high limit, current   exceeding low limit, frequency fault, overtemperature

Branch alarm

Overcurrent,   instantaneous overcurrent, current exceeding high limit, current exceeding   low limit, switch opening, switch closing

Communication  interface


withstanding   voltage


Environmental   conditions for use

Temperature   range -5 ~+40 , humidity range O%~90% (without   condensation),

Altitude less   than 2000M (derating should be considered when altitude is 1000M)

Executive   standards