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Fullcontroller Comprehensive monitoring system for multi node computer centers

Netion Fullcontroller rich control computer center monitoring and management system can achieve centralized monitoring and management of multiple computer rooms, achieving a scientific management mode of "networking, intelligence, and unmanned", taking information construction to a new level, making the operation of the computer room more stable and reliable, and making management simpler and more convenient.

Basic Features

System Introduction

1.Netion Fullcontroller rich control computer center monitoring and management system can achieve centralized monitoring and management of multiple computer rooms, achieving a scientific management mode of "networking, intelligence, and unmanned", taking information construction to a new level, making the operation of the computer room more stable and reliable, and making management simpler and more convenient.

2.Netion computer data center monitoring system is a revolutionary product that "productizes" the entire system and is compatible with communication protocols from various mainstream manufacturers. It eliminates the tedious and time-consuming work of secondary development, debugging programs, and on-site configuration of the backend system. The system is safer and more reliable, with stronger functions, richer and more intuitive interfaces, making the digital withered grass more vivid, and management efficiency higher and more convenient.

3.The monitoring system of Netion computer center is based on the design concept of "modularization". Users can invest in different stages according to their actual needs, easily realizing the building block construction of system functions, thereby making the upgrade and expansion of the system more convenient.

4.In combination with the requirements of information management, it provides various management functions such as report management, networked management, operation and maintenance management, and high reliability management, which are widely applicable to the needs of monitoring and management of large and medium-sized data center computer rooms and multi computer room networking.

System function

1.Support centralized and unified monitoring and management of multiple types of UPS, battery cabinets, precision coolings, precision distribution cabinets, generators, ordinary distribution cabinets, ordinary air conditioners, environmental temperature and humidity, water leakage, fire protection, anti-theft, access control systems, and video systems

2.Multi region, multi-level, and multi user management

3.24/7, real-time monitoring and management

4.Capable of remote operation and maintenance

5.Powerful history and report management capabilities

6.Fast alarm response speed and diversified alarm methods (supporting email alarm, local sound and light alarm, sound alarm, mobile SMS alarm, telephone voice alarm, etc.)

7.Hierarchical alarm management, more suitable for large-scale system management needs

8.System data backup and recovery function

9.B/S structure for easy viewing and expansion

10.Diversified display page. Meeting different user operation needs (supporting list, map, and cruise display modes)

 Monitoring objects and content

Power monitoring

UPS monitoring

Input and output voltage, current, frequency, etc;

UPS operation status: mains power status, battery status, bypass status;

Remote control of UPS self-test, shutdown, etc.

Distribution monitoring

Input and output voltage, current, frequency, power, etc;

Switch status of each power distribution circuit

Battery monitoring

Single battery voltage, battery pack voltage, current, capacity,   internal resistance;

Accurately judge the quality of the battery and report battery faults.

Generator monitoring

Generator output voltage, current, frequency, etc;

Generator operating status

Remote control of generator on/off, etc.

Environment monitoring

Air conditioner monitoring

Record the time of the air conditioning switch status;

Timely monitor the operating status and parameters of various components   of

the air conditioning system, and remotely achieve on/off control;   Automatic restart

of air conditioning calls without being affected by the monitoring   system;

Monitor the switch status of fans and fresh air fans on each floor.

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Display real-time environmental temperature and humidity data; The   temperature and

humidity module itself has a LCD display;

Low power consumption, no need for additional power supply, can be   powered through

RS485 bus.

Fresh air fan monitoring

Check the switch status of the fresh air fan;

Or monitor the status and parameters of the fresh air fan in real-time   through its

intelligent communication port.

Smoke sensing monitoring

Real time monitoring of indoor smoke conditions. If there is any abnormality   in the

smoke, the system will immediately respond and provide assistance to the   computer

room management personnel

SMS, voice, sound and light, phone, and other alarms.

Leakage monitoring

The system can obtain the leakage situation at any point within the   leakage detection

area and provide corresponding alarms;

It can intuitively understand the location and time of water leakage,   making it

convenient for maintenance personnel to carry out their work.

Security monitoring

Video monitoring

When someone enters the computer room, automatically turn on the lights,   start the

camera and hard drive recording; Video recording has remote browsing   function,

Possible specified recording events for playback.

Access control monitoring

Detailed records of personnel entry and exit; Remote monitoring of door   opening and

closing status; There will be a corresponding alarm when the door opens   overtime or


Anti theft monitoring

Strictly control personnel entering the computer room in real time, and   once someone

illegally invades, the system will automatically alarm.

Other monitoring management

IT Facility Management

Servers, operating systems, critical business, network devices,   databases, etc.

Cabinet microenvironment monitoring

Temperature inside the cabinet, power supply, port status, cabinet door   switch status,



(2)Advanced three-layer structure

(3)Establish a first level monitoring center platform in the first level unit. The first level monitoring center conducts hierarchical and centralized management of the center computer room, second level branch computer room, and third level branch computer room under the second level jurisdiction. The second level monitoring center monitors the center computer room on this level and the third level branch computer room within the second level jurisdiction. There is no need to establish a monitoring center for the third level branch computer room.


Topology diagram of primary monitoring center

Install a Fullcontroller power environment monitoring switchboard in the primary monitoring center to manage the secondary monitoring centers and branch computer rooms in a hierarchical and hierarchical manner. The Fullcontroller power environment monitoring switchboard in the primary center can view the monitoring information of all secondary monitoring centers' Fullcontroller power environment monitoring hosts.


Topology diagram of secondary monitoring center

Install the Fullcontroller computer room power environment monitoring host in the secondary monitoring center, and conduct unified centralized monitoring and management for the branch computer room at this level and the third level branch computer room. There is no need to set up a monitoring center for the third level branch computer room.


System advantages

1. Embedded host system, safe and stable.

2. The product is independently developed and manufactured, simple, easy to use, and has good compatibility;

3. Adopting advanced B/S architecture to achieve remote monitoring without the need to install client software and third-party plugins;

4. The pure IP networking method is suitable for remote centralized monitoring and management of power environments in multiple computer rooms;

5. Adopting TCP/IP protocol for data transmission, supporting multiple network transmission architectures;

6. The perfect combination of multiple advanced communication mechanisms

Ensures real-time data updates and timely alarms, while reducing bandwidth usage.

Monitoring manufacturer

Monitoring content

Traditional computer room monitoring   manufacturers

Netion monitoring products

Frontend collection device

Purchase third-party transparent modules   to achieve poor compatibility.

Independently developed and manufactured   embedded products with good compatibility.

The front-end device has independent   monitoring function

The front-end adopts a transparent module   with only interface conversion function, which belongs to a non intelligent   management module.

There is an independent monitoring   interface that does not rely on backend systems.

Frontend devices have storage   capabilities

With the storage function of ultra long   historical data and events, it is convenient for customers to trace the   problems that occur when the system malfunctions in the future.

The front-end device has the function of   scheduling tasks

It does not rely on the backend system   and can independently complete planned task functions, such as UPS timed   discharge and power on/off.

The front-end device has alarm function

Monitoring device abnormalities can be   reported through email or SMS gateway call.

Optimized communication mechanism

The front-end adopts a transparent module   with only interface conversion function, which is a non intelligent   management module. Therefore, it only supports a single polling mechanism.   When the number of monitoring devices increases to a certain number, it   seriously affects the stability and timeliness of the backend system.

Obtaining data from intelligent devices   such as UPS through serial ports, the system adopts an active polling   mechanism while accepting mechanisms such as active reporting, change   reporting, scheduled reporting, and alarm reporting provided by front-end   collection devices, to ensure that the system can timely, quickly, and   accurately reflect the operation status of each branch under its   jurisdiction. The number of devices does not affect the stability and   timeliness of the system.

System expansion

During system expansion, smooth upgrades   cannot be achieved, and online configuration is required to achieve   corresponding functional expansion.

When expanding the system, it can be   smoothly upgraded without the need for complex online configuration work. All   monitoring exists in a modular form and can be added or deleted at will.   Adding a set of monitoring modules only requires adding an IP address to the   backend software for monitoring.

Product installation

The backend system uses software such as   online configuration to achieve monitoring, which is difficult to implement   and requires the cooperation of dedicated personnel. The implementation cycle   is long and maintenance is quite difficult.

The backend system adopts a modular   design concept with low engineering difficulty. Simply mastering a simple   human-machine interface operation can achieve the addition and monitoring of   network points, without the need for specialized personnel to cooperate.   Users only need to do simple training to achieve the addition of system   network points, with a short implementation cycle and simple and convenient   maintenance.


System interface

System Display Mode

● Tree mode

● Map mode

● List mode

Cruise mode (optional)

Monitoring interface

1. UPS monitoring interface

2. Battery monitoring interface

3. Precision air conditioning monitoring interface

4. Fresh air monitoring interface

5. Precision power distribution monitoring interface

6. Generator monitoring interface

7. Environmental temperature and humidity monitoring interface

8. Fire monitoring interface

9. Door security monitoring interface

10. Lightning protection monitoring interface

11. Video system monitoring interface

Technical Specifications

Main Product Introduction

The Fullcontroller computer room power environment monitoring host is a powerful computer room and UPS network comprehensive monitoring system host. The host system uses the most secure and reliable Linux system platform, the web service platform uses the most secure, reliable, and efficient Apache WEB+PHP service platform, and the database uses the most advanced, efficient, secure, and reliable large-scale network database MySQL. This host provides precise fault location capability, fully meeting the needs of network operation and maintenance management; Capable of IP visualization management and one click configuration. Automatic operation monitoring, without the need for dedicated management, greatly reduces the difficulty of traditional operation and maintenance personnel learning IP technology. The Fullcontroller computer room power environment monitoring host also achieves centralized and unified management of various network devices, which can achieve topology management, resource management, fault management, configuration management, security management, and performance management for the entire network, and display network resources centrally through topology views. At the same time, the Fullcontroller computer room power environment monitoring host also supports display interface settings, user addition, user management, regional alarms, UPS brand alarms, historical data recording and export, etc. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, the Fullcontroller computer room power environment monitoring host can monitor and manage the data center computer room in an unmanned state, and send alarm information 24/7, which is bound to become the best partner for the data center computer room.

Product functions and characteristics:

1. The host adopts a low-power, ultra silent embedded hardware structure. Adapt to various harsh environments, stable and reliable.

2. 1U 19 inch standard rack mounted host, beautiful and elegant.

3. Equipped with lightning protection, interface isolation, and communication transmission isolation functions, ensuring that the normal operation of its sub monitoring equipment is not affected in case of equipment failure.

4. The built-in watchdog function ensures that the system has complete self detection and self recovery functions.

5. Support centralized and unified management of multiple brands and types of UPS

6. Divisible regional management

7. Supports UPS 24/7, real-time monitoring and management

8. Can achieve remote operation and maintenance of UPS power supply, such as setting up regular battery discharge tests, remote control of UPS on/off, etc

9. Powerful history and report management capabilities

10. Fast alarm response speed and diverse alarm methods

11. System data backup and recovery function

12. B/S structure for easy viewing and expansion

Advantages of Fullcontroller adopting B/S structure

1. With distributed characteristics, users only need a browser to query the monitoring status of UPS anytime and anywhere, without the need to install software.

2. The software expansion is simple and convenient, and server functionality can be added by adding web pages.

3. Maintenance is simple and convenient, and all users can synchronize updates by simply changing the webpage.

Sitemate Rack mounted power environment integrated Network monitoring host


Sitemate machine room environment Network monitoring host is an environment Network monitoring host specially developed for the central machine room, integrating water leakage, temperature and humidity. This product adopts the popular 19 inch rack design style, with 220V AC direct power supply, which is more in line with the design requirements of modern computer rooms. In addition, the product supports 16 switch detection (such as water leakage, smoke detection, infrared, door magnetic, and power switch status) and 2-way relay output control, greatly meeting the monitoring needs of small and medium-sized computer rooms. It is the best choice for building modern unmanned computer rooms.

Sitemate functions and features:

1. 1U19 inch standard rack;

2. 16 photoelectric isolation dry contact input terminal;

3. 2-way photoelectric isolation relay remote control output supports sound and light alarms or other equipment linkage;

4. Support the monitoring of power and surrounding environment;

5. Support sound and light alarms or other device linkage;

6. Built in ultra long life system clock;

7. Having the function of recording historical events and data;

8. Support the expansion of 8-way ambient temperature and humidity detection module;

9. Support multiple configuration management methods such as Telnet, HyperTerminal, and Web Browser;

10. Built in comprehensive TCP/IP network functional modules, supporting network protocols such as SNMP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP, DCHP, SNTP, etc;

11. Support SMS and E-Mail alarm functions;

12. Provide user permission management, secure, confidential, and reliable;

13. Independent embedded system without relying on any other computers;

14. Built in optimized communication protocol to ensure real-time data collection, combined with Fullcontroller software to achieve remote centralized monitoring;


Rockslot is a network expansion device developed specifically for central computer rooms, integrating UPS monitoring and extended power environment. This product adopts the popular 19 inch rack design style, with 220V AC direct power supply, which is more in line with the design requirements of modern computer rooms. Netmate II Mini Network monitoring adapter (built-in), signal acquisition module (built-in) and other products of our company can be placed inside, which greatly meets the monitoring needs of the computer room and is the best choice for building a modern unattended computer room. It has the RS232/RS485 selection function to meet the convenient access of RS232 equipment or RS485 communication equipment, without the need to use other expansion equipment.

Netmatell Intelligent Network monitoring adapter


Netmatell MINI (Internal)


Netmatell MINI (External)



Product Introduction

NetmateII MINI Network monitoring host is a comprehensive network centralized monitoring product, which can monitor most brands of UPS, intelligent power distribution cabinet, precision air conditioner, and the product design is exquisite and small, with powerful functions; Equipped with email and SMS alarm functions, as well as planned tasks, historical events, historical data records, etc; Graphical interface, easy to operate, mature and stable hardware platform, and expandable temperature and humidity detection module.

Product Features

1. Remote monitoring of UPS, intelligent distribution cabinets, precision power distribution, precision air conditioning, generators, positioning of water leaks, etc. can be achieved through the network

2. Implementable web-based user interface interface

3. Compatible with multiple brands and models of UPS, precision cooling, and intelligent distribution cabinets;

4. Support SMS alerts;

5. Support email alerts;

6. Multi user permission management;

7. Supports DHCP;

8. Support configuration of telnet, super terminal, and WEB pages;

9. Support planned tasks (timed self testing, on/off);

10. Having the function of recording historical events and data;

11. Remote monitoring and theorem UPS can be achieved through HTTP, SNMP, Java applets, Telnet, and Fullcontroller;

12. Monitoring and management of air conditioning and intelligent distribution cabinets

13. Complete management functions (data logging, SNTP, and work scheduling, etc.);


Other Products

Item name

 Product photo


Dedicated to monitoring systems

SMS alarm machine


Utilize the GSM network platform to provide users with   SMS alarm function. It can be widely used in industries such as power,   transportation, and industrial control.

Battery inspection host


It can detect individual batteries through the network,   accurately locate faulty batteries, and facilitate users to eliminate battery   safety hazards:

Having the ability to collect and display the voltage   and temperature and humidity of each battery;

Capable of collecting and displaying the total voltage   and current of the battery;

Having historical recording function, including   historical events and data;

Equipped with battery group setting function and able   to judge the quality of each battery in each group;

Equipped with indicator light display function, able to   intuitively understand information such as power supply, operating status,   and high precision decoration;

Battery inspection unit


The battery inspection unit is used in conjunction with   the battery online inspection instrument to expand the battery inspection   instrument. The battery inspection form does not monitor the status of each   battery, and each unit can detect up to 24 individual battery voltages; The   system can detect up to 2 sets of 120 individual batteries, meaning that a   system can be configured with up to 10 battery detection units

smoke sensor


Can accurately detect smoke, and when the smoke   concentration exceeds the limit, the sensor will generate an audible and   visual alarm and output an alarm signal to the collector

Leakage without positioning



It can be installed and used with detection cables or   matched with other detection probes. Through its output relay contact   signals, it can be integrated with various monitoring systems to achieve   remote alarm and control of remote equipment.

Positioning leak detection

Detection module


Can be queried through RS485 communication port

Intelligent remote control for air conditioning


Adopting self-learning principles and intelligent   coding analysis technology, it can achieve monitoring and control of any brand   of air conditioning



The H.264 video compression method is adopted, and a   DSP processor with high integration, strong performance, and low power   consumption is used. It has multiple functions (simultaneous recording,   monitoring, playback, and network monitoring)

Hemisphere infrared camera


Access control controller


The real Door security based on TCP/IP network can   download card number information and authorization information 1000 times   faster than the ordinary RS485 access controller.

Signal acquisition module


The signal acquisition module is a product based on the   Modbus protocol. This product supports 4-way dry contact signal output;   Expandable sensors for water leakage, access control, smoke detection, etc.,   and supporting 2-way output control, can be connected to sound and light   alarms, etc