Lithium battery version RL series high frequency online UPS 1~10kVA

Product profile

The dual transform on-line design makes the output of UPS a pure sine wave power supply for frequency tracking, phase locking voltage stabilization, filter filtering, and no interference from the fluctuation of the power grid, providing more comprehensive protection for the load.

Basic Features

--Advanced working mode

 The dual transform on-line design makes the output of UPS a pure sine wave power supply for frequency tracking, phase locking voltage stabilization, filter filtering, and no interference from the fluctuation of the power grid, providing more comprehensive protection for the load.

 Output is zero conversion time, to meet the high standard requirements of precision equipment for power supply.

Using the input power factor correction (PFC) technology, the input function factor is higher than 0.99, improve the power utilization rate, greatly eliminate the harmonic pollution of UPS to the municipal power grid, and reduce the operating cost of UPS.

--DSP full digital control

sing digital control, excellent performance indicators, to avoid the risk caused by analog device failure, make the control system more stable and reliable.

--Optimize the battery pack function design

Through the innovative optimization of the battery pack function design, both the standard model and the long delay model can save the battery consumption more than the traditional design scheme under the same backup time condition.

--Strong environmental adaptability

The wide voltage range is 110VAC~300VAC, to avoid frequent switching to the battery power supply when the power grid voltage changes greatly, and to adapt to the area with harsh power environment. With half a load, the input voltage can be up to 100V without switching to battery power. The input frequency range is 46~64Hz, which ensures that all kinds of fuel oil generators can work stably and meet the requirements of users for the use of oil machines.

--Support the charger expansion function

The long delay model supports the charger expansion function, charging current of 4A, and the maximum support expansion to 20A charging current, shortening the charging time and meeting the needs of users.

--Protection is comprehensive and reliable

 With the function of self-diagnosis, it can detect the hidden fault of UPS in time, nip in the bud. It integrates AC input, undervoltage protection, output overload, short circuit protection, inverter overheating protection, battery undervoltage warning protection and battery overcharging protection and other multi-functional protection, which greatly guarantees the stability and reliability of the system operation. With bypass function, when the output overload or UPS failure, it can be transferred to the bypass working state without interruption to continue the power to the load and provide alarm information.

With the input zero fire wire detection function. Can avoid the UPS city power input zero fire wire connection. With a super strong DC start function.

--intelligent management

USB local monitoring. HPR series UPS is standard with USB interface, which can be easily monitored locally through the attached monitoring software. Built-in USB interface communication kit and wiring.

Product superiority

● Sensitive configuration achievement of 360° precision protection

● Advanced DSP digital control technology

● Low-distortion sine-wave power output

● Input zero fire wire detection

● Standard rack-type structure design

● Intelligent protection function

● Input function factor correction

● zero conversion time

● A 19-inch standard rack-type structure design with a compact structure

● Sine wave output provides the best power supply guarantee

● Zero conversion time between the mains mode and the battery mode

● Has the voltage burst wave protection function and the powerful anti-interference function

Optional accessories

ModBus block

With users to achieve remote communication accessories, it supports ModBus-RTU protocol, can output the standard RS485, the farthest transmission distance of its RS485 signal can reach 1200 meters, using it can achieve long distance centralized monitoring.

Dry contact card

Provide dry contact interface for UPS peripheral monitoring, reflect the running state of UPS with the contact signal, and also accept the remote shutdown signal from the outside world. The user can realize the remote monitoring of the UPS system through the external circuit.

The SMS modem

UPS parameters can be checked by mobile phone for easy management; When UPS fails, send UPS alarm SMS to correct UPS faults.

SNMP Smart Management card

It is an intelligent monitoring product based on TCP / IP, SNMP protocol and embedded WEB server for remote UPS management. Users can manage UPS through WEB browser, SNMP network management software, and centralized monitoring software. The SNMP provides shutdown programs for different operating systems that can safely turn off the computer system when the UPS is abnormal.

USB+RS232 card

Provide USB and RS232 interfaces for UPS to facilitate UPS communication with computers.

Technical Specifications








Phase position

Single hand to hand








Voltage range

110-300VAC at 50% load, 160-280VAC at 100% load

Frequency dodder

From 46 Hz to 54 H or 56 Hz to 64 Hz

Power factor

0.99@100% load


Output voltage


Voltage range (battery touch type)


Frequency range(synchronous 

correction paradigm)

46Hz~54Hz or 56Hz~64Hz

Frequency range {Battery mode)

50±0.1Hz or 60±0.1Hz

Peak coefficient


Harmonic distortion

3% THD (linear load); 5% THD (nonlinear   load)

Change-over time


Waveform (battery mode)

pure sine wave


The market power model







Battery model

Lithium iron phosphate battery

The oil is still sentenced

48V (15 strings)

192V (60 strings)

Maximum charging current


4.0A or 20A


Explicit declaration

LCD Display

Load size, battery capacity, MMA, battery mode, bypass mode, fault indication

Warning voice

Battery mode

Sound every 4 seconds

Low battery power

Sound every 1 second


Sound every 1 second


Continuous sound

Physical property

Size (D×W×H) mm




Net weight (kg)







Service environment


Relative humidity 20-90% and temperature   0-40℃ (no condensation)

Relative humidity 0-95% and osmosis 0-40℃   (no condensation)





Control supervisor

Smart RS-232 / USB

Supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Wndows 7/8, Linux, Unix and  macOS

selectable SNMP

Power management supports SNMP management   and network management

* 1: Overload timeout is automatically converted to bypass output

* 2: The satisfied load power factor is 0.8

* 3: The DC voltage can be customized according to the user's requirements

* 4: The external charger is optional when the external battery exceeds 3 groups

* 5: Optional output of other specifications of the plug, EPO, RS232 card, SNMP card and other accessories

* 6: The above parameters may be adjusted and changed, please refer to the physical object