D series (3Phase), high frequency online UPS 20 ~ 180 kVA (tower/ rack type)

Product profile

Digital Series high frequency UPS power supply, equipped with dual DSP controller, rectifier, inverter, charge and discharge are controlled by DSP digital, power module independent flow control, no single point fault risk, integrated the latest power electronics advanced technology. The innovative design provides this series with unparalleled reliability and high performance. Very high input power factor and very low input current distortion rate ensure the green and environmental protection of the product, and the high efficiency of the whole machine ensures the energy saving of the product. This series of products can be run by 8 machines.

Basic Features

1. 3 phase input, 3 phase output pure online dual conversion products, support 380 / 400 / 415V, 50 / 60Hz power grid system, to provide the best power quality and load protection.

2. Super load adaptability, super overload and short circuit capacity.

3. Ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range, adapt to the harsh power grid environment, adapt to the use of various fuel generators.

4. The input power factor is up to 0.99, the input harmonic current is less than 3%, and the overall efficiency is greater than 95%. Green, high efficiency and energy saving.

5. DSP full digital control realizes full digital control of power conversion links such as rectification, inversion and charge and discharge.

6. Digital cycle control technology, high reliability.

7. Intelligent battery management scheme to prolong the battery life.

8. The system adopts a modular design, with a stable and reliable performance.

9. All the fans in the system are redundant in design, which greatly improves the reliability of the system.

10.The EPO emergency shutdown function can be realized.

11.Ultra-long average failure-free time (>200,000 hours) and ultra-low average maintenance time (<0.5 hours).

12.Rich accessories: dust net, SNMP network communication card, lightning protection module, battery temperature compensator, mobile phone SMS alarm.

13.All circuit boards adopt three-proof technology.

14.Traditional modular UPS can be replaced by parallel, saving the high cost of modular cabinet.

15.7-inch real color touch screen (rack type LCD display) enables users to more intuitively understand the working state and operating parameters of UPS, such as input and output voltage and frequency, load size, battery capacity, machine temperature, etc., so that all operations are clear at a glance.

Technical Specifications







Input mode

Three-phase,   four-wire+grounding

Rated voltage


Voltage range

138 to 485Vac; 305 to 485Vac, 138 to 305 Vac

Frequency range


Power factor


Input current harmonics

3% (100% nonlinear load)

Bypass range

Upper limit of bypass protection voltage: 220V: +25% (optional +10%, +15%, +20%);
  230V: +20% (optional +10%, +15%);
  240V: +15% (optional +10%)

Lower pass protection voltage limit: -45% (optional-10%, -20%, -30%)

Bypass frequency protection range: ±10%


Output method

Three-phase, four-wire+grounding

Rated voltage


Power factor


Voltage accuracy


Output   frequency

Main   mode

Synchronized with input; output frequency 50 (1±0.02%) Hz beyond ±10% (±1%, ±2%, ±4%, ±5%)

Battery   mode


Load peak ratio


Output voltage distortion

2% linear load, and 4% nonlinear load


Battery voltage

Voltage optional: ±180V/±192V/±204V/±216V/±228V/±240V/±252V/±264V/±276V/±288V/±300V (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50)

360Vdc~600Vdc(30~50sections optional)

Charging current

15A max

15A max

30A max

45A max

Transfer time

Municipal mode to bypass mode: 0ms (tracking); 

municipal mode to battery mode: 0ms


Overload capacity

Load ≤110%, 60mins;125%, 10mins; 150%, 1min; >150%, shutdown immediately.

Overtemperature   protection

Normal mode: Switch to the bypass mode; 

Battery mode: Turn off the output   immediately

Emergency   Shutdown (EPO)

Cut off the output immediately

Communication interface

USB, RS485, optical coupling node, machine (option), SNMP card (option), Relay   card (option)

Work   environment

Working   temperature


Relative humidity

0~95% with no condensation

Storage   temperature



<1500m, exceed 1500m according to GB/T 3859.2

Physical   characteristics

 Dimensions (D×W×H)

730×250×530mm(rack type 443×131×580mm)



Net weight (Kg)





Operative standard


* The above parameters may be adjusted and changed, please refer to the physical object.